Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tractor Seat Stools

While my favorite scrap yard was still in operation I kept my eye open for tractor seats among other things. I could buy them for next to nothing there. If I saw one in an antique store the price was considerably multiplied so I left those for collectors.

I made three shop stools using tractor seats. They are all a similar style with four legs, scroll feet and a heel ring. The heights vary from 21” to 24”. One is used for TIG welding. One is used with the fly press. The third is a wanderer which moves around from place to place often acting like a table.

If I were making another stool just for utility I might use a plow disc for the base. A disc doesn’t present an edge to kick and it wouldn’t snare an extension cord as the scrolls do.

Doing an image search will capture quite a few interesting designs. I saw one with a single welded chain post. It looks cool but must require some considerable faith in the welders’ ability.

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