Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Get a Grip

I heard an investment adviser say, “You can’t have too much money.” I’m not sure, but, I’m betting he didn’t have much trouble finding people willing to test that proposition.

I do know I never seem to have too many clamps. My favorite is the original Irwin Vise-Grip 12” large jaw locking pliers. The long nose style and angled long nose and locking C-clamps are handy too.

I don’t often have a project large enough to get out the heavy duty screw C-clamps, but, when I need them, I need a bunch of them. Individually, large new ones are pretty expensive - in the $50 neighborhood, but at auctions they are often a bargain. I picked up a box of about 20 a year ago for $25 total.

Even less often I use slide bar clamps. I especially like a heavy antique furniture clamp I found in an antique store years ago.

In the early years I sometimes had to go to the store and get another clamp or two for a job. I got a few more when we got to a job site an hour away and found we forgot to pack the clamps. Baring another slip-up like that I may finally have enough now. It would be interesting, but too much work, to gather them all up for a count. They are widely distributed around the shop and ought to be left alone because they got where they are for a reason.


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