Monday, July 18, 2011

Black Annealed #9 Wire

Locally I can only find 16 and 14 gauge black annealed wire. A friend in the Denver area brought me a 100 pound 12 gauge roll. I went to the internet to locate a source for 9 gauge but needed only 10 pounds or even less.

After more difficulty than I imagined I found what I needed at this address:

The wire was to be used to simulate sigma and stamen elements in some botanical motifs. Apparently this wire is also used in setting animal control traps. The product advertisement stated that is was used primarily for positioning snare loops. Product Code: SPSW910 Price: $16.95 Shipping Weight: 11.00 pounds

So there is a tip for anyone having difficulty finding this metal stock. While I was roaming about I found that black annealed wire sold for rebar ties is usually 11 to 15 gauge and baling wire is 9 - 14 gauge. The baling wire is available in 1018 and 1008 alloy.

I could find a number of sources for 100 pound rolls of baling wire but I didn’t want that much. Also I could have done what I have usually done - buy #9 galvanized wire, remove the zinc by pickling in hydrochloric acid then anneal in the gas forge. This is doable but it seems like a long run for a short slide.

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