Monday, November 2, 2009

The Tumbler Room

The center of the room is occupied by a 16” x 60” tumbler on a timer switch and filled with about 100 pounds of steel balls and small scrap drops serving as the polishing aggregate. This will clean, deburr and polish steel in about 15 minutes. The hood with tarp is to help collect and contain dust.

A garage door opens to a chain hoist that slides along an “I” beam 13’ above. Usually there is a 30 gallon scrap barrel hanging from it ready to go to the recycle dump.

On the west wall is the paint and patina supply area and a 30” diameter 6’ tall hardware carrousel. A 5” bandsaw is mounted on a stand so I can cut small pieces while working at tabletop height.

On the south wall is a steel storage rack where I store nonferrous metals and steel drops. I reconstitute steel scrap into approximately 6’ lengths by tack welding. These short pieces have been through the tumbler and joined and organized in the PVC tubes by dimension so I have easy access when I need just a short piece of material. A 14” chop saw is on a moveable stand.

On the north wall is a workbench set up as a tool making station. I use this mostly for making tooling to use under the pedal hammer. Along the row there is a 6” bench grinder, a 1” belt sander, a bench grinder with one 3M deburring wheel and one hard felt wheel with chromium oxide buffing compound for polishing, and finally a bench grinder modified to run a partially used up deburring wheel with no guard around it and a table saw type of setup using a partially used up blade from a 14” chop saw. Underneath is a storage shelf and small refrigerator.

Next I’ll describe the loft and outdoor areas.

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