Monday, November 2, 2009

Outdoors and Loft

On the north porch is a small and a large ring roller, a trough for screening and wetting coal, a round stock shear, an Edwards floor shear, a guillotine type tool set up for center punching, another cone anvil, an antique lever blower, post drill, small farrier's forge, and a chop saw.

I built a rack to hold 22 5-gallon buckets which hold small pieces of special stock; tool steels, railroad spikes, carbon steel balls, non-ferrous metal scrap for casting, etc.

A 20’ rack holds pipe, round tubing, large square tubing, angle, wide flat bar, beam, and more. Again a lot is organized inside 3” and 4” PVC tubes.

The loft above the tumbler room has a bank of back-to-back drawers under the 4’ x 8’ layout table for full scale drawings. There are five four-drawer file cabinets for all my client records and design references. I have an old computer set up on a desk that will run an old version of a CAD program - still adequate for my needs. On the walls hang the examples of all my laser-cut patterns.

A numbered ceiling grid is used to hang small parts that are notoriously hard to find otherwise.

I have a trailer dedicated to things I use in old-time demos. There is a coal forge with a great Sutton firepot mounted on wagon wheels. I put in the 120 pound Peter Wright anvil as needed and also the various hammers and tongs I’ll need. Some coal and steel stock stays in the trailer with some small anvil and hand tools, a quench can, trestle type work table that breaks down and two trestle type display tables that break down and a post vise. There is a hand operated hydraulic crane and winch mounted for loading the heavy things.

I have another enclosed cargo trailer which holds the inventory which I take to the two Art/Craft shows usually attended each year.

That’s the whole shebang. Visitors are welcome.

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