Monday, November 2, 2009

The Layout Room

The layout room extends across the south half of the studio. At the west end is a 4’x8’ wheeled steel table with a post vise and several angle grinders and corded drills.

Underneath the table I store all the 10’ new bar stock from 3/16” to 2” diameter. Threee inch PVC tubes help organize the stock for easy removal and counting.

Along the west wall is a Lincoln TIG welder with it’s argon tank and a 6” bench grinder dedicated to tungsten sharpening. There is also a Lincoln MIG welder with it’s argon/CO2 tank.

On the south wall is a a small rolling work table, a four drawer filing cabinet with folders of current work.

Next is my pedal hammer and it’s tooling and work light.

Next is a drafting table with layout and organizing supplies, a drill press on floor stand, and a crude setup for taking photographs of work in progress

Next is a Miller MIG welding cart with argon/CO2 tank and accessories.

Next is the oxyacetylene cart with coiled long hose which will reach most everywhere in the shop and also outdoors. It is hooked to a gas saver which can also be operated by a foot treadle. The torch tips have quick connects. Industrial gas bottles are chained in the corner.

Along the east wall is a 4’ x 10’, 6000 pound acorn platen table, a Trenton/Fisher 7” dpuble screw post vise with chain drive. There is a rack of angle grinders with about six different types of cutoff and abrasive wheels. The one with knotted wire cup brush is hooked to a router speed control so it can be run at lower (safer) speeds. There are three Makita die grinders with different mounted stones. A dremel tool is available for detail work.

Underneath the platen table is a storage area for 10’ and 12’ angle, square tube and channel.

Just outside the door is a straight shear, throatless shear, machinist vise, pipe vise, and small Hossfeld-type bender which can be mounted when needed.

In the NE corner is a Marathon 3” x 42” belt sander with 100 grit abrasive zirconia belt and work light.

On the north wall is an Enco 7” Band saw, 16 drawer and cabinet storage space, Thermal Dynamic plasma cutter, Evolution 14” circular cold saw, post vise with all my chasing stakes and hammers, 6” wide-opening asymmetric vise mounted on a concrete filled keg, and a 120 lb Peter Wright anvil on a small stump.

Next are two oak 4-self cabinets with modeling and casting supplies and other useful stuff and a pegboard display area so clients can see and handle a variety of smaller examples of work.

Last in line is a larger drill press and a 6” belt sander on a pedestal and the work table holding all the drill bits, hole saws, etc.

Next I’ll show the Tumbler Room.

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