Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Filing Vise

There is a drawing of a filing vise in the Blacksmith’s Journal on page 822, Volume 06, Feb 1996.  It is a contribution from Francis Whitaker.  I took a picture of it when I was at his shop in 1999.  I had recently acquired one for my shop.  I have never used the tool for an aid in filing.  I use it mostly for clamping things when I’m doing torch work.

I never really thought about it being an unusual tool until I did a web search and couldn’t find an image of another like it.  There are many images of other types especially for holding saw blades.

The hinge pin broke recently so I replaced it with another I made from a 60d nail.

Whitaker shop filing vise.

My filing vise with new hinge pin.

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