Monday, June 2, 2014

Moles and Ground Vibration

I’m told the Eastern mole is the only variety found in Kansas.  Moles like loose loamy soils containing lots of insects which nicely describes my location in the Neosho River flood plain.  The are classified as insectivores and consume lots of earthworms, cutworms, beetle grubs and millipedes and more.  Apparently in captivity they are more omnivorous.

Before I built my studio the lawn would be heaved up from time to time with mole hills and feeding runs.  It wasn’t a big deal here but when I was a kid in Missouri our yard was regularly and plentifully marked by mole hills and feeding runs which were unsightly and made mowing difficult.

I have heard they don’t like ground vibration but most of the articles I read recently say that ground vibration devices are not effective or perhaps only effective over a very short distance.  I recall seeing mole activity around the shop until I installed a fifty pound Little Giant power hammer.  When it went into regular use there were no more visible mole runs near the shop.  I still see some runs near the creek which is a couple of hundred feet away.

So, I may be going out on a limb here, but, if you have moles and want to run them off, try installing a power hammer.

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