Saturday, October 22, 2011

Flat Bar Scroll End

What appeals to one client won’t necessarily appeal to another. That, to me, is a good thing as it drives creativity. Several years ago I made a simple flat bar coat rack with four hooks for a client. I textured the bar but it still looked rather generic so I added scroll ends. Naturally, they didn’t like the scrolls and wanted just the plain flat bar.

The scroll end hanger eventually wound up in a gallery where it sold recently. As soon as it was sold I was requested to make another one like it. So much time had passed that I couldn’t recall immediately how I made the scroll but I remembered it was simple to accomplish.

I got out a scrap of tar paper and cut it in the shape of the 2” wide flat bar and confirmed it just required trimming the end off at a 45º angle, texturing both sides and rolling the scroll by pulling the point down while twisting. I thought a reversing scroll might be interesting so I rolled one on the same piece of tar paper and snapped an image of it for the record.

The roll of tar paper was purchased 15 years ago and I have used it to make numerous patterns and I still have most of the roll left. The soapstone, silver pencil, correction fluid lines show with nice contrast when drawing. But, I still need the large white grid paper pad for charcoal sketching.

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