Saturday, October 22, 2011

Carhartt Shirts and Fried Green Tomatoes

It’s fall. Every creature is looking for winter quarters. I ran a blacksnake out of the studio a few days ago. The monarch butterflies are gone. Tree frogs have gathered near the creek. The turkey vulture and herring gulls migrations have passed through and we’ve had one light frost now. It came on about the expected date and nipped the tender plants. I went out at dusk in the windy chill and picked the green tomatoes. It was a poor garden year for us with about thirty days over 100º and very little rain so there was only enough for a couple of servings of fried green tomatoes. I was worried that this might be the first year in my life without tasting them. Betty fixed them just right and they were great.

I’m pretty tolerant of cold and probably only put on a coat a half dozen times a winter but I like sweaters, jackets and my Carhartt sandstone twill long sleeve work shirts. I have several and they are well worn and getting faded and one has a big elbow patch but they are comfort clothes as sure as fried green tomatoes are comfort food.

I love autumn and today I paid attention to the beautiful colors in the sugar maples, the Virginia creeper and the poison ivy vines. Some ripe persimmons are dropping now and, while the crop is sparse this year, the flavor is wonderful.

It’s perfect forging weather and I treasure every day of it.

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