Monday, September 26, 2011

A Picture or 1000 Words

Last week I downloaded a few images from my old shop camera then it expired. New batteries couldn’t shock it back to life. So after many years of service in a harsh environment I let it go to R.I.P. in the realm where expired electronic devices go.

I understood immediately that this was not a crisis since it seems like almost everything with a battery is now capable of taking a picture. My older son, Keith, tells me my iPhone has a better camera than my camera. That sounds circular but you get he idea,

My actual solution was to take my wife’s old camera which she never uses as she prefers the one on the iPhone and I traded her a newer camera which I have used to take “professional” images in my mini photo studio. Incidentally, that camera was obtained at Stapes in response to my request for their “least expensive Canon camera.” I will never take the time to figure out anything more complicated a don’t use most of the features built into the inexpensive one.

Today, I took several images of the steps used in preparing some spikes for tapering. It was a pleasure to look in the viewfinder and actually see a large clear image of the target, It was also neat to hear the click sound which indicated the image had been captured. It gave me a comfort sensation similar to the old days when I picked up the phone receiver and an operator asked. “number please.”

I don’t know if a picture is really worth a thousand words or how anyone would know. I do know that the images I take are a great help in documenting my work processes. They save time and provide more information than my written notes.

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