Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pedal Hammer Seat Improvement

Over the summer I started using the pedal hammer in an auxiliary manner and now think I should report it. The one I’m referring to sits right beside my design table. Sometimes I just felt like sitting down for a few minutes while making notes or sketching some drawings so I made a simple angled drawing surface from a piece of angle and 10 gauge sheet that fits where the anvil ordinarily would. It rotates and is very comfortable to use. It is just flat enough to also use as a platform for photographing small items with my digital camera. It should go without saying that, like every other nearly flat surface, it attracts items which gather into piles.

The time sitting there apparently led to some other contemplation and I became aware of the kludge beneath my feet. The seat mounting could be improved a lot. First, the placement of the horizontals and verticals could be shifted to leave the space where a leg swings through more open.

Next, the seat bracket could be fitted with one or two cam locks to replace the locking bolts which would allow for quick changes in seat height or distance.

Also the vertical could be changed from square tube to round to allow rotation. Now that I’ve thought of how nice those changes might be all I have to do is find the time and energy to actually make the changes.


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