Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A name and a Home

I believe profitability requires turning out good work as quickly as possible. Quickly doesn’t necessarily mean working lickety-split rather it requires not wasting time and motion.

During the early working years I progressively organized the studio into a stable arrangement in which I could work efficiently. I really dislike searching for something I need so is is satisfying to know exactly where to locate any particular item. To aid that process I decided to give frequently used tools unique names and “homes.”

I try to give each frequently used tool a specific name and a permanent home. The home is a resting place as close as possible to where the tool is used most often. That way I always know where the angled peen two pound hammer or the straight bow pliers are to be found.

My forging hammers all have dedicated resting places. The straight and angled bow pliers always return to their hangers. The pickup tongs go on the left end of the rack, and so forth.

I have made a lot of dies to use with the power hammers and hydraulic forging press. I stamped each with an alphanumeric identification to distinguish them individually and they hang on racks with their number by their hook or they are boxed with other components needed for a specific product. The cabinet drawers and the hardware carousel bins all have labels announcing their contents.

This labeling takes some time but I believe it pays off eventually in avoiding frustration and saving time and fuel.

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