Monday, November 8, 2010

The Store Window Gallery

A year or so ago friends made window space available to me at 311 Broadway in nearby Cottonwood Falls, Kansas. I displayed a variety of small ironwork pieces and was really surpassed at the number of responses from prospective customers both in the desire to purchase a displayed item and to commission other custom work.

While Cottonwood Falls is a small rural town in Chase County it has an interesting history and several popular tourist attractions which draws a steady stream of visitors from all across the US and abroad. You can check it out at this and other web sites:,_Kansas

The gallery is over 20 miles from my studio so I can’t actually be there but it offers people a chance to see some of my work and signs in the window advise them how to contact me by phone or Email and how to find the website.

The header image of the entry was taken by Cheryl Unruh and posted on her website:

While on that subject I’ll put in a plug for her new book. Check:

It is always a struggle for artists in midwest small towns to get marketing exposure. I was lucky to be given the window space.

Looking ahead, I’m working on some articles about using the hydraulic forging press. I built one this summer when it was too hot to get much forging done. It is proving to be more useful than I imagined. I’m still learning more about it’s applications every day so when I feel I have enough experience you’ll hear about it.


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