Sunday, February 19, 2017

What is a Pigtail?

Sometimes when I don’t have much to thin about I don’t think about much.  Here’s an example.

I was looking through some images and saw a tapering spiral finial labeled a pigtail.  That didn’t strike me as quite right.  I thought more about it and recalled that I’ve seen a number of curly things called pigtails that also didn’t s trike me as quite right.

I haven’t known many pigs - never owned one.  But as I recall their tail usually makes a simple loop-de-loop like a roller coaster.  

I found this example here.

Sometimes there are slight variations like this droopy one.

For anyone who doesn’t connect with Loop-de-loop - look at these examples:

So, I will stick with the simple loop-the-loop curl as the bona fide pigtail finial.

This mental wandering has inspired me to write something soon about bullet worms (gun worms) and corkscrews.  There blacksmith meets gunsmith.

 On and On

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