Thursday, June 13, 2013

Another Online Reference

Well, it’s too hot to forge again and I have been really busy with other things so there hans’t been much to post.  I am about to start assembling sale items from the hundreds of parts which have been forged already.

The time away from the studio has been used to clean out a lot of files on the computer and in the hanging file cabinets.  It has also allowed me to do some more web exploration looking for items of blacksmithing interest.  This is one I thought would be worthwhile to share.

Today it may only be 85º so the forge will get fired up.


  1. I'm just noting the title of the book you link to:

    "Basic blacksmithing: a training manual"
    by J. B.Stokes

  2. Basic blacksmith manuals is useful to solve some of the basic problems with the tools that we use.

    Bruce Hammerson

    Hydraulic Hammers


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