Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pedal Hammer Seat Bracket Modification

I have been working on some small botanical elements, grape leaves, sunflower centers and such using the pedal hammer and veining tools.  The machine I use frequently is a prototype model and had a old style seat bracket which didn’t allow enough foot clearance when sitting down and getting up.  Every time I sat down and wiggled my left foot through the narrow space I would think, “I should fix that.”  However, that thought was immediately followed by, “That will take thirty minutes and be a hassle.”  So the problem lingered until yesterday.
I finally got an adjustable wrench and took the seat and bracket off, made two cuts and two welds and put it back on in thirty minutes.  A big improvement.  So the lesson, for me, is when building the bracket try to keep a shoe length distance between the anvil post and the seat bracket frame.
Now every time I sit down I’ll think, “I should have done that two years ago.”

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