Thursday, July 26, 2012

Out of the Hole, Around the Tree...

Today I tied a piece of nylon cord to a keeper pin on a power hammer with a bowline knot and it reminded me that I had tied this knot probably a thousand times, maybe more.  The bowline knot is my favorite.  I once worked where it was the only acceptable knot for securing important things.  I was taught to tie it using the rabbit and rabbit hole story and I have used that as my preferred method of teaching as even children can grasp it’s simplicity.
I was disappointed when I went to Google search and typed “bowline knot rabbit” and found no illustrations showing a rabbit.  I was thinking it could really be a cute illustration.
The only real trick, which is usually well illustrated but not usually explicitly stated in the story is making sure the hole and tree are started properly - that is the tree trunk goes under the rope where it loops to form the hole.
I have forged some simple iron knots but never a bowline.  Maybe I’ll give it a try.  Maybe I could use one of those rope swages and make some stock to fit into a nautical forging.

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