Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Favorite Pliers

I have a favorite set of pliers made by the J.H. Williams company. They are slip joint design and 10” long. For several years I have carried them in the rule pocket on my carhartt bib overalls. I don’t know if I borrowed this habit from the ranchers and their fence pliers but it’s possible. I found the pliers at an antique store/flea market in eastern Kansas where I picked up several other old tools.

I recently misplaced the pliers for a few days and was surprised at how much I missed them. Finally I discovered where I had laid them and happily returned them to my pocket but not before spending an extra moment to notice the Williams name. I decided to look up the Company and I also found a reference showing a similar pair of pliers, listed as PL-6 6 Inch Combination Pliers, at this link.

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