Thursday, September 9, 2010

Check out YouTube

With the heat index soaring over 100º recently I have been catching up on maintenance work and other chores which don’t require the forge.

I’m building two more 50+-pound power hammers adapted from the type Ray Clontz developed. One I’ll keep as a studio backup machine. The other I’ll deliver to a friend in Texas who wants me to build one for him. I currently use one I constructed a couple of years ago it serves as a prototype to work out design changes to correct a number of its little problems.

A couple of other projects are in the design phase so that work can proceed in the comfort of air-conditioning.

It has been quite some time since I have really taken a close look at the web to see what is currently offered by searching “blacksmith.” I devoted a few hours and discovered, from the coolness of my study, there is a great deal of quality information in video format on YouTube. When I last checked a couple of years ago I wasn’t much impressed but now the variety, image clarity, improved editing and and increased length of the segments seem to have changed everything for me.

I visited over 200 sites and watched all or part of them and copied their URLs to a file with some data relating to their subject, date of posting, length and number of views. After spending more time studying and reflecting, I’ll decide how to pass along this compilation of really delightful entertaining and educational material. I'm thinking of posting a list of active links to ones which I enjoyed.

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